ACT Coaches List

Below is a complete list of coaches who hold current rowing coach accreditation in the ACT. This list is provided for coaches as a source of information regarding their own accreditations. Note those who reside in NSW may not be included in this list. For conformation please contact Rowing ACT.

This list is updated periodically to include new registrations and exclude expired accreditation. If you believe you should be included in this list please contact Rowing ACT.

The below list is from 4/01/2018.

FirstName FamilyName AccreditationLevel ID Number Expiry CLUB SCHOOL
RICHARD ADAMS Learn to Row Coach 746 28-Aug-20 ADFA Rowing Club  
David Bagnall Performance Rowing Coach 1063 30-Nov-20 Black Mountain Rowing Club Radford College
Harrison Baildham-Parr Level 1 Coach 23834 08-Feb-21 ADFA Rowing Club  
Patrick Baker Learn to Row Coach 19183 12-May-18 Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club  
Charles Barton Learn to Row Coach 21639 03-Mar-19    
Ron Batt Performance Rowing Coach 1991 22-Aug-18    
Cameron Begley Level 1 Coach 23589 16-Sep-20   Marist Rowing Club
Simon Booth Club/School Coach 4692 01-Dec-19 Melbourne University Boat Club  
Carla Borg Caruana Learn to Row Coach 19185 16-Dec-18   Marist College Canberra
Elliott Bowyer Club/School Coach 19625 14-Feb-20 Capital Lakes Rowing Club  
Peter Brooks Level 1 Coach 24412 09-Nov-21 Canberra Rowing Club  
Isobel Brotchie Level 1 Coach 24292 17-Aug-21   Daramalan College
Alan Butorac Learn to Row Coach 5962 01-Jan-18 Commercial Rowing Club  
Julia Cameron Learn to Row Coach 19188 03-Sep-18   Radford College
Alan Carey Level 1 Coach 24254 02-Sep-21 Canberra Grammar School Old Boys  
Sarah Cook Club/School Coach 5100 23-Aug-20 Sydney University Boat Club St Joseph’s College Hunters Hill
Simon Cox Performance Rowing Coach 21718 30-Mar-19 Rowing Australia  
Alison Creagh Level 1 Coach 23156 08-Aug-20 RMC Rowing Club  
Tamasine Crocker Learn to Row Coach 22123 10-Mar-20 Capital Lakes Rowing Club  
Julia Cronan Level 1 Coach 23848 15-Jan-21   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Amy Crowe Learn to Row Coach 22113 17-Nov-19   Daramalan College
Jordan Davies Level 1 Coach 23844 07-Aug-20   Radford College
Giles Davis Level 1 Coach 24150 08-Jul-21   Radford College
Lauren Dixon Level 1 Coach 23552 19-Aug-20    
Renae Domaschenz Club/School Coach 14096 23-Oct-19 Canberra Rowing Club Canberra Girls Grammar School
Nelson Dunphy Level 1 Coach 23623 28-Sep-20   Marist Rowing Club
Patrick Dunphy Learn to Row Coach 19627 09-Sep-18 Canberra Rowing Club Marist College Canberra
Sarah Edwards Level 1 Coach 24289 20-Aug-21 ANU Boat Club  
Alyssa Everson Level 1 Coach 23741 22-Nov-20 Australian Defence Force Academy Rowing Club  
Mark Fangen-Hall Performance Rowing Coach 14750 24-Sep-19 Rowing Australia  
Lauren Finnerty Level 1 Coach 24018 26-Feb-21 Australian Defence Force Academy Rowing Club  
Sandra Finney Learn to Row Coach 21644 24-Jan-21    
Kym Fisher Club/School Coach 3883 29-Aug-20 ADFA Rowing Club  
William Floyd Level 1 Coach 24274 01-Sep-21   Daramalan College
Paul Fluitsma Learn to Row Coach 22126 28-Oct-19   Marist College Canberra
Tony Forestier Learn to Row Coach 21645 24-Jan-21    
Richard Furmage Club/School Coach 19629 30-Apr-19 ANU Boat Club  
Mark Georgelin Learn to Row Coach 19191 18-Apr-21 Capital Lakes Rowing Club  
Rosemary Georgelin Learn to Row Coach 19630 15-Dec-18 Capital Lakes Rowing Club  
Melissa Greck Learn to Row Coach 21646 11-Oct-19    
Toni Green Learn to Row Coach 19193 03-Sep-18   Canberra Grammar School
Cara Grzeskowiak Learn to Row Coach 19632 25-Feb-18 Capital Lakes Rowing Club  
Caitlin Gwynn-Jones Level 1 Coach 24060 26-Feb-21   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Dafydd Gwynn-Jones Performance Rowing Coach 287 11-Feb-18   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Sian Gwynn-Jones Learn to Row Coach 21647 02-Mar-19    
Philippa Harrison Level 1 Coach 23879 05-Dec-20 Canberra Rowing Club  
Jeff Hart Learn to Row Coach 14707 08-Jun-18 Canberra Rowing Club  
William Hatcher Level 1 Coach 24250 23-Sep-21 ANU Boat Club Canberra Grammar School
Lachlan Hatty Level 1 Coach 23660 12-Oct-20   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Keely Hay Learn to Row Coach 22097 09-Feb-20   Daramalan College
Luke Hennessy Level 1 Coach 24271 04-Sep-21   Canberra Grammar School
Grace Hibberson Level 1 Coach 24148 09-Jul-21   Daramalan College
Bridget Hickman Level 1 Coach 23643 05-Oct-20 Canberra Rowing Club  
Andrew Horsburgh Club/School Coach 21866 12-Sep-20 ADFA Rowing Club  
Martin Huang Level 1 Coach 24069 18-Mar-21 ANU Boat Club  
Tara Huntly Club/School Coach 5143 29-Mar-21 Rowing Australia  
Glen Irvine Learn to Row Coach 22099 16-Dec-19 ADFA Rowing Club  
Rex Jones Club/School Coach 14752 10-Feb-19 Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club  
Elizabeth Kell Level 1 Coach 24185 29-Aug-21 Sydney University Boat Club  
Nathan Kennedy Learn to Row Coach 22100 28-Jul-20   Daramalan College
Caite Khan Club/School Coach 19194 01-Nov-19   Canberra Grammar School
Mitchell Kingham Edwards Learn to Row Coach 19633 03-Sep-18 ANU Boat Club  
Mathew Klumper Level 1 Coach 24129 24-Jul-21   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Kieran Kobelke Club/School Coach 6754 13-Oct-18 Mosman Rowing Club Queenwood School for Girls
Corey Kovacs Level 1 Coach 24437 21-Nov-21   Radford College
Mark Kwiatkowski Club/School Coach 21206 19-Aug-18 Canberra Rowing Club  
Thomas Lagones Level 1 Coach 23637 02-Oct-20   Canberra Grammar School
Grace Larkin Learn to Row Coach 14709 25-Apr-18   Daramalan College
Sarah Larkin Learn to Row Coach 22101 15-Sep-20   Daramalan College
Hannah Legge-Wilkinson Learn to Row Coach 22102 09-Feb-20   Daramalan College
Benjamin Maliel Level 1 Coach 24348 14-Oct-21   Canberra Grammar School
Zachary Mason Learn to Row Coach 19635 11-Oct-18   Daramalan College
Zoe Mason Learn to Row Coach 22103 27-Mar-21   Daramalan College
Lyall McCarthy High Performance Coach 610 22-Mar-19 Rowing Australia  
Hannah Merchant Level 1 Coach 23578 08-Sep-20   Daramalan College
Nigel Miller Level 1 Coach 23569 31-Aug-20 Capital Lakes Rowing Club Canberra Girls Grammar School
Annalise Murn Level 1 Coach 23621 28-Sep-20   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Ellen Newton Level 1 Coach 24125 28-Jul-21   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Darrell Ninham Club/School Coach 3767 18-Jan-19 Canberra Rowing Club  
Chris O’Brien High Performance Coach 649 03-Jul-20 Rowing Australia  
Maricelle Oringo Learn to Row Coach 19636 20-Jan-18 Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club  
Ben Page Learn to Row Coach 19637 09-Sep-18 Canberra Rowing Club Marist College Canberra
Rodney Palmer Learn to Row Coach 22106 10-Mar-20 Black Mountain Rowing Club  
Andrea Parsons Learn to Row Coach 19638 03-Sep-18 Canberra Grammar School Old Boys  
Loren Parsons Learn to Row Coach 19197 27-Jan-18   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Sarah Parsons Learn to Row Coach 22131 15-Dec-19   Radford College
Mark Partridge Learn to Row Coach 4255 22-Jan-20 Black Mountain Rowing Club  
Amanda Pascoe Level 1 Coach 23632 02-Oct-20 ANU Boat Club  
Andrew Paton Learn to Row Coach 19639 17-Jul-19   Marist College Canberra
Sam Peascod Learn to Row Coach 19199 18-Jan-18 Black Mountain Rowing Club  
Caroline Pijpers Learn to Row Coach 4143 29-Mar-20   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Christopher Polyichanin Club/School Coach 3167 23-Oct-19 Canberra Rowing Club Marist College Canberra
Andrew Randell Performance Rowing Coach 617 18-Jul-18 ACTAS  
Alexandra Roberts Learn to Row Coach 5792 01-Apr-19   Somerset College
Stuart Sampson Learn to Row Coach 21329 02-Aug-20   Radford College
Rory Scott Level 1 Coach 23582 09-Sep-20   Marist Rowing Club
Josh Seneviratna Learn to Row Coach 22107 26-Apr-21   Daramalan College
Neil Smith Learn to Row Coach 14713 17-Oct-20 Capital Lakes Rowing Club Marist College Canberra
Mae Soliva-Bell Learn to Row Coach 22108 15-Dec-19 Canberra Rowing Club  
Vicky Spencer Performance Rowing Coach 18449 31-Aug-20 Adelaide Rowing Club Walford Anglican School for Girls
Brad Spiel Level 1 Coach 23634 02-Oct-20 RMC Rowing Club  
Olivia Spillane Learn to Row Coach 22109 01-Aug-20   Daramalan College
Brittany Staniforth Learn to Row Coach 21657 01-Mar-20    
Madelaine Staubitz Level 1 Coach 24262 12-Sep-21   Radford College
James Stuchbery Learn to Row Coach 21658 27-Jan-19    
Michael Thomas Learn to Row Coach 19640 09-Nov-19   Marist College Canberra
Vince Townsend Learn to Row Coach 19641 12-May-18 Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club  
Edward Treloar Level 1 Coach 23921 24-Aug-20   Canberra Girls Grammar School
Simon Tulloh Learn to Row Coach 21804 26-Aug-19   Canberra Grammar School
David Uren Learn to Row Coach 22133 26-Jan-21 Capital Lakes Rowing Club  
Richard Van Lohuizen Learn to Row Coach 19642 20-Jan-18 Lake Tuggeranong Rowing Club  
Hugo Webster Learn to Row Coach 21661 17-Jul-19    
Jacqueline Williams Club/School Coach 13239 31-Mar-19 ANU Boat Club Radford College
Robert Winkworth Club/School Coach 5780 10-Aug-21   Radford College
Katrina Wiseman Level 1 Coach 23849 01-Jan-21   Radford College
Ryan Wood Level 1 Coach 23619 27-Sep-20 Australian Defence Force Academy Rowing Club  
Sarelle Woodward Level 1 Coach 23579 08-Sep-20 Black Mountain Rowing Club  
Ian Wright High Performance Coach 23758 15-Dec-20 Rowing Australia  
Ashley Young Level 1 Coach 23160 25-Jul-20   Daramalan College