Disher Cup


Disher Cup


ACT Universities and Military Colleges Men’s 8+



The Disher Challenge Cup was named for Captain H.C. (Clive) Disher of the Australian Army Medical Corps, who stroked the 1919 Australian Imperial Force (AIF) Number 1 crew that beat Oxford University in the final of the Inter-Allied Services event at the Henley Peace Regatta after the end of the World War I.

Disher presented the Cup to the inaugural winning crew, the Australian National University, in 1971.

Initially the Cup was between the Royal Military College and the Australian National University until the Australian Defence Force Academy was established in 1986.  Subsequently it has been open to any ACT University.


Inscription The Disher Challenge Cup Presented by Dr Clive Disher CBE ED
for annual competition between eight oared crews representing the Australian National University and
the Royal Military College Duntroon in memory of the AIF eight oared crew, winners of the King’s Cup,
Royal Henley Peace Regatta 1919.


Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner
1971 ANU 1989 ADFA 2004 UC
1972 RMC 1990 ADFA 2005 UC
1973 RMC 1991 ADFA 2006 ADFA
1974 RMC 1992 RMC 2007 ANU
1978 ANU 1993 ADFA 2008 ANU
1979 ANU 1994 ANU 2009 ANU
1980 ANU 1995 ADFA 2010 ANU
1981 ANU 1996 RMC 2011 ANU
1982 ANU 1997 ANU 2012 ADFA
1983 ANU 1998 ADFA 2013 ANU
1984 ANU 1999 ADFA 2014 ANU
1985 ANU 2000 ANU 2015  ANU
1986 ANU 2001 ANU 2016  RMC
1987 ANU 2002 ANU 2017  ANU
1988 ANU 2003 ANU 2018