NSW Masters Results

ACT rowers have returned to the Territory following a successful weekend at the NSW Masters Championships.

Canberra Rowing Club finished 3rd on the Overall Medal Table, with Black Mountain RC placing 7th. ANU and Lake Tuggeranong RC were also represented strongly at the regatta.

The Championships are good preparation for those going to the Australian Masters in Nagambie, Victoria 18-21 May.

A list of ACT medal-winning rowers is below. Congratulations to all competitors:


Women’s E Coxless Four – Brian, Cook, Poels, Hayward (BMRC/CRC)

Women’s G Eight – Corry, Colledge, Harber, Walsh, Conry, Blackwell, Linacre, Donoghoe, c:D.Balaam (ANU Composite)

Women’s F Single Scull – Ferguson (CRC)

Men’s A-B Pair – Partridge, Mongan (BMRC)

Women’s F Coxless Four – Charlton, Ferguson, Bissaker, Donoghoe (ANU/CRC)

Men’s D Grade Single Scull – Geier

Women’s D Quad Scull – Blackwell, Knowler, Rowland, Grant (ANU/CRC)

Men’s B Quad Scull –  Partridge, Mirtschin, Curtin, Mongan (BMRC)

Women’s E Quad Scull – Charlton, Ferguson, Knowler, Jolly (CRC/UTS)

Mixed G-K Quad Scull –  Corry, Colledge, Colledge, Simson (CRC)

Women’s E Double Scull – Knowler, Blackwell (CRC)

Men’s F Coxless Four – Blackwell, Laidlaw, Lawrence, Macartney (ANU/CRC)

Men’s J-K Double Scull – Burgess, Simson (CRC)

Men’s C Double Scull – Partridge, Mongan (BMRC)



Men’s A-B Coxless 4 – Partridge, Mirtschin, Mongan (BMRC)

Women’s D Pair – Knowler, Bissaker (CRC)

Women’s B Double Scull – Rowland, Grant (ANU/CRC)

Men’s C Single Scull – Geier (BMRC)

Women’s C Quad Scull – McMahon, Young, Styman, Watt (LTRC)

Para Double Scull – Donoghoe, Macartney (ANU)

Women’s F Quad Scull – Charlton, Linacre, Bissaker, Donoghoe (ANU/CRC)

Women’s G-K Pair – Corry, Colledge (CRC)

Men’s F Coxless Four – Wilkes, Tindale, Brown, Pagan (CRC/Leichardt)

Women’s E Eight – Rowland, Knowler, Donoghoe, Bissaker, Blackwell, Ferguson, Charlton, Linacre, c:McCallum (CRC/ANU)

Women’s D Single Scull – Quilty (BMRC)

Mixed D-F Eight – Donoghoe, Blackwell, Bissaker, Grant, Blackwell, Laidlaw, Lawrence, Macartney, c:Pollock (ANU Composite)

Women’s H-K Quad Scull – Corry, Harber, Linacre, Colledge (CRC)

Women’s A Quad Scull – Blackwell, Knowler, Rowland, Grant) (ANU/CRC)

Men’s C Eight – Gordon, Davies, Nash, Champness, Gasson, Geier, Williams, Reynolds, c:Woodward) (BMRC)

Men’s F Pair – Wright, Trowell (BMRC)

Women’s E Single Scull – Nash (BMRC)



Men’s I Single Scull – Simson (CRC)

Men’s F Quad Scull – Blackwell, Laidlaw, Lawrence, Macartney (ANU/CRC)

Men’s H Quad Scull – Colledge, Peedom, Laidlaw, Simson (CRC)

Women’s D Double Scull – Donoghoe, Grant (ANU)

Men’s H Double Scull – Laidlaw, Simson (CRC)

Men’s A Double Scull – Curtin, Simmons (BMRC)

Men’s G Eight – Briggs, Reilly, Whyte, Bagnall, Wright, Davies, Champness, Trowell, c:Abercromby (BMRC)

Women’s E Double Scull – Nash, Gasson (BMRC)

Women’s C Single Scull – Rowland (CRC)

Men’s B Double Scull – Mirtschin, Pentony (BMRC)

Women’s E Eight – Walsh, Cook, Brian, Champness, Poels, Styman, Watt, Hayward, c:Balaam (BMRC Composite)

Men’s D Quad Scull – Davies, Gordon, Williams, Reynolds (BMRC)

Women’s G Double Scull – Brewer, James (CRC)

Men’s F Pair – Wilkes, Tindale (CRC/Leichardt)

Men’s D Double Scull – Gasson, Geier) (BMRC)