Rowing ACT - 06-Apr-2019 09:38

Race No. 15     -     2019 ACT Championships

Date of Regatta: Saturday 06-Apr-2019       Planned Race Start Time: 09:30      Race started at: 09:30

Event:   WCh 1x        Type:     Final        Heat/Div No.: 1         Distance: 1800 m

These results are PROVISIONAL and have yet to be reviewed and approved by the Referee. Any observations should be provided to the Race Timer at the Course Finish.

List of Boats in Finishing Order

Position Lane
Club Stroke Time (m:s)
Interval (s)
Notes Status
1 6 ANU-ACT Jilly 7:40.54
2 4 Canberra Sandra 7:59.87
2 ANU Nicola

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