Rowing ACT - 24-Feb-2018 13:36

Race No. 56     -     2017-18 Regatta No 5 Dara

Date of Regatta: Saturday 24-Feb-2018       Race Start Time: 13:20

Event:   W D-E 2-        Type:     Division        Heat/Div No.: 1         Distance: 1000 m

Competitors must be at Start at least TWO minutes before race is due to start with correct bow number displayed.

To SCRATCH from race, send an SMS to 0450 769 464, quoting RACE NO, LANE NO, Club and Stroke's Name.

List of Boats in Lane Order

Lane No Club Stroked By Handicap (s) Notes Status
3 Black Mountain 1 Sandra   SCR
5 Black Mountain 2 Virginia   SCR

List of Races        55 (M D-E 2-, Division 1)