Rowing ACT is very pleased to announce that Member Clubs agreed in August to the affiliation of the Australian Defence Force Rowing Club (ADFRC).   The sport has been growing over time and any addition to the number of Member Clubs is a very welcome event.

Major Gary Bergman explained the reasons behind setting up the Club.

  • To ensure that all personnel (ADF, APS, Reservists, veterans, civilians) participating in rowing training or competition in our boats  when part of a composite crew are insured under Rowing Australia’s National Insurance Program.
  • To increase participation in rowing by ADF personnel whose service precludes or makes it difficult to justify a civilian club membership.
  • To enable ADF personnel to register and compete at broader range of Rowing Australia events without requiring a civilian club membership.
  • To facilitate the participation of ADF (composite) crews consisting of ADF personnel in a wider range of non-regatta events.
  • Becoming a member club will permit participation in targeted international military sports competitions and events. As a member club of Rowing ACT the ADF Rowing Club will be listed on Regatta Central, which provides a medium for contact and interaction between the military forces of other countries.

Gary also explained that the Australian Defence Force Rowing Association (ADFRA) will remain the peak body responsible to ADF Sports Council for promoting and developing rowing in the ADF.   ADFRA will administer and support the ADF, ADFA and RMC Rowing Clubs, as well as ADF Members of civilian rowing clubs.  There is no requirement for civilian rowing club members to change clubs.

Membership of the ADF Rowing Club will initially be limited to full time and Reserve ADF members. Affiliate/Associate membership will possibly be available for veteran personnel in the future.   Membership will not be available to members of the wider non-Defence community.

The ADF Sports Strategy 2015–2019 requires that all members of the ADF are provided every opportunity and encouraged to participate in sport at a level commensurate with their preference and ability.   With the ADF Rowing Club as an RA affiliated Club, an increase in active ADF personnel in rowing on a range of levels is expected, particularly in non-regatta events.

Gary said the Committee of the ADF Rowing Club looks forward to working with Rowing ACT, ACT Rowing clubs and ACT rowers to continue promoting and developing the sport.

The Invictus Games are very much in the spotlight at the moment.  ADF Rowing, in conjunction with Gordon Marcks who is the Senior Coach for Para-Rowing at Rowing Australia, have been supporting since January the 2017 Invictus Games selection camp for indoor rowing.  This included coaching the Canberra based Invictus Games indoor rowing athletes since that time.  Two athletes, Pilot Officer Nathan Parker and Lance Corporal Gary Wilson are currently competing in the 2017 Invictus Games.   ADF Rowing is currently planning to support a larger Indoor rowing contingent for the 2018 Invictus Games, which will be held in Sydney.