Fees and Charges


Rowing ACT Fees, Charges and Registration Requirements

Who pays Under the Rules of Rowing ACT fees are payable by Member Clubs. It is a matter for Member Clubs as to how they structure their membership and other fees.
Who can compete Crew members registered on Rowing Manager in the appropriate category for the event.  For example, a person must be registered as a competitor for all point-scoring regattas and most other events.
Rowing Affiliation Fee Payable for each rower in a Member Club whether a competitor or not.  However, to encourage the development of the sport, coaches and coxswains who do not row will not attract an affiliation fee $20 per Club member subject to the exclusions listed.
Rower Registration Fees Payable for each competitor registered through Rowing ACT at any time within a season with the following two exceptions:

  • If a person only competes in the Winter Time Trials, the Col Panton and/or the short-course regatta.
  • If a person registers in the ACT for the first time and they only compete in the ACT Championships.
  • $65 for seniors;
  • $30 for Juniors; and
  • $25 for coxswains.

A junior is a person who has not attained the age of 19 at the end of the relevant calendar year.

Race Seat Fees Seat fees are payable in accordance with the final draw.  $8 per crew member for point score races
and $15 for championship races. Late entries in point score and championship races are double i.e. $16 per crew member for point score races and $30 for championship races
Regatta Fines Fines are payable for infringements during regattas such as where a crew is a no show; there is no bow number; the bow number is different from the final draw; or rowers are out of uniform. It also applies at any time when Boat Race Officials instructions are ignored or any other breach of the racing rules or behaviour is identified by the BROs.  Where a regatta is suspended, fines will not be imposed. $8 per seat per infringement.  The infringements apply because of the significant difficulties such violations cause for regatta management.  Higher fines may be set by the Board in serious cases such as where an instruction by a Boat Race Official is deliberately ignored.