Rower Fees

Rowers and coxswains are registered with ACTRA by each club. Individuals cannot register with ACTRA other than through a club membership. Your local club knows the procedure for this and maintains the ACTRA registration records for your club. Only registered members can participate in regattas.

The fees are:

|Rowing Affiliation Fee
|Payable for each club member whether a competitor or not. Normally payable in December, based on previous season’s membership.|$20.00|
|Rower Registration Fee| Payable for each competitor wether in ACT or elsewhere| $65.00/adult
$25.00/cox |
|Race Seat Fee| Payable by invoice to clubs after each regatta| $8.00 for point score races
$15.00 for championship races |

These fees include the Rowing Australia rower registration fee of $16.00/competitor, and also cover regatta licence fees and insurance cover (professional indemnity and public liability)