Rowing Australia Policies

Rowing ACT has contributed to the development of a number of national policies. Accordingly, in some areas, it has not developed its own policies but relies substantively on those adopted by Rowing Australia. The By-laws set out, from time to time, those Rowing Australia policies on which Rowing ACT relies. Specifically, they comprise:

i. Member Protection;
ii. Anti-doping;
iii. Sports Foods, Medical and Performance Supplement;
iv. Illicit Drugs in Sport;
v. On-water Safety Code and Guidelines;
vi. Environmental Sustainability
vii. No Needles; and
viii. National Policy on Match fixing.

Rowing Australia updates and repackages these policies and they will continue to apply in any reconstructed form unless otherwise determined by the Rowing ACT Board.

References in those policies to Rowing Australia should generally be interpreted to Rowing ACT and references to States stand as references to Member Clubs subject to:

– anything in those policies conflicting with Rowing ACT Rules, By-laws, Board decisions or policies being rendered invalid;

– references which relate uniquely to the specific relationship of Rowing Australia to State Associations being irrelevant; and

– the emphasis being on the principles with some flexibility in procedures being assumed by the Board particularly taking into account the smaller scale of operations in the ACT.