Upcoming Workshops and Seminars

Welcome to the Rowing ACT Coaching Series.  It will comprise:

  • The Rowing Australia online Level 1 Coach Course
  • 1 x Level 2 Coach Course;
  • 2 x Coaching Seminars (Open to all)

For details of the series see below.

Level 1 Coaching Course (NEW from Rowing Australia)

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To register for the Online Course CLICK HERE

NB – Rowing ACT will no longer be delivering face to face Level 1 coach courses.

Level 2 Coaching Course

Number of places remaining: 8

Registrations will be open later this year for RACT’s Level 2 Coaching Course. The course will be held over three days, across two consecutive weekends. The course dates and times are as follows:

Day 1: Sunday 30th October (10:00am – 4:00pm)

Day 2: Saturday 5th November (10:00am – 4:00pm)

Day 3: Saturday 6th November (10:00am – 3:00pm)

The course will most likely be held at the Canberra Girls Grammar School Aquatic Centre Yarralumla.

Please note you must have held your Learn to Row/Level 1 coaching qualifications for at least 1 year to attend this course. The course fee is $250.

The number of places in this year’s course is restricted to 10 and will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. A spot in the course is not formally reserved until payment of course fees is received by RACT.

Registration Steps:

Step 1:
Fill in the following membership form here. Once submitted you will be redirected back to this page.

Step 2:

Once you have submitted your registration form you will be invoiced for the course fee of $250. Additionally, you will be invoiced for the Australian Sports Commission Intermediate Coaching General Principles Workbook ($17.50) which is needed to complete Step 3.

$250.00 + $17.50 = $267.50

Please pay this amount by Electronic Funds Transfer to the following account:
Account Name: ACT Rowing Association
BSB: 032-719
Account Number: 103824
Transaction description:  Invoice number first then your if there is room.

Important:  when paying the invoice quote the invoice number first and then your name if there is room.   We have real issues with receiving payments with a generic description (Level 2 fees); with parents putting in their names which are not the same surnames as the participant; and some people put the name of our Association which is also very unhelpful.  Please ensure that the person paying the invoice, if it is not yourself, understands the need to include the invoice number up front.

Step 3:
The last step is to complete the below Intermediate Coaching General Principles worksheets and email them to actra@rowingact.org.au by no later than Sunday October 16th; two weeks before the start of the course.

Complete and submit the following worksheets:

Worksheet #1 Essence of coaching

Worksheet #3 Planning

Worksheet #5 Coaching processes

Worksheet #7 Skill acquisition

Worksheet #8 Introduction to Physiology

Worksheet #9 Basic anatomy & biomechanics

Worksheet #11 Sports nutrition

Worksheet #13 Anti-doping in sport


2016 Coaching Seminars

Details TBA soon.