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'Live' Regatta Results

On regatta days (Next Regatta - 2 Dec 2017 - CGGS Regatta), this file will contain the schedule of races showing the details in the example below. The file will be updated periodically during the regatta to show progress against planned start time. Users can go direct to the race schedule file by typing

Clicking on the race number displays the race details.

Users can go direct to a race results file by typing where # is a race number.

Race Schedule Example

Race No Event Type of Race Heat/Div No Planned Start Started At Distance
1 MastM 2X Division 1 07:30 07:33 1000 m
2 MastM 2X Division 2 07:34 07:37 1000 m

Race Details Example (before start)

Race No. 69

Race Start Time: 12:22

Event:   WGD 2x

Type:    Final

Heat/Div No.: 1

Competitors must be at the start line at least TWO minutes before the race is due to start with the correct bow number displayed.

To SCRATCH from a race, send an SMS to 0413 769 464, quoting RACE NO, LANE NO, Club and Stroke's Name.

List of Boats in Lane Order

Lane No Club Stroked By Handicap (sec) Notes Status
1 School 1 xxxxxx    
2 Another School 1 yyyyyy    

Race Results Example

Race No. 1

Planned Race Start Time: 07:30         Race started at: 07:33

Event:   MastM 2X

Type:    Division

Heat/Div No.: 1

These results are PROVISIONAL and have yet to be reviewed and approved by the Referee. Any observations should be provided to the Race Timer at the Course Finish.

List of Boats in Finish Order

Position Lane No Club Stroked By Time (m:s)
Interval (s)
Handicap (sec) Notes Status
1 4 Magic Rowers xxxxxxx 4:48.21
2 5 Alternative Rowers yyyyyyy 4:51.25
1 Forgetful Rowers zzzzzzzz 38   DNS
2 Ill Rowers uuuuuuuu 38   SCR

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Photographs for 2017/2018 Season

Photographs will be available for the 2017-2018 season after this regatta. If you wish to have a photograph, contact Rowing ACT, details on this website.


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