The Panton Memorial Trophy

The Panton Memorial Trophy


First Across the Line



The Col Panton was run for the first time in 1965.  It was to be called the Marathon but Col Panton and his son Stuart tragically died in 1964 training for the event.

The event starts in Narrabundah and concludes at Weston Park, a distance of over 7 kilometres.


Inscription Presented by Mr & Mrs JW Panton
In memory of their son COLIN LESLIE & grandson COLIN STUART who lost their lives on 20 November 1964 


1965 A.N.U.B.C., P. Arriens 1984 CRC 2003 ANU, W2-
1966 Grammar School Eight 1985 BRC, P.Reedy 2004 CRC, M2X
1967 Canberra Grammar School 1986 AIS 2005 CLRC, NM4X
1968 Daramalan 4 1987 AIS/Easts 2006 CRC, Mast W8+
1969 Daramalan College Four 1988 CRC, B. Hick 2007 CRC, Sonia Mills
1970 Canberra Club Four 1989 CRC, W2X 2008 Commercial, Neil Wylie
1971 1990 HRC, J. Tutty 2009 CRC, Mast W2-
1972 S.C.E.G.S. 4th Four 1991 Sydney Grammar, M4+ 2010 ANU, C. Northam
1973 R.M.C. Lightweight Four 1992 CGS, M2- 2011 Radford, L. Letcher
1974 T.K.S. 1st Four 1993 AIS, W2- 2012 CRC/COMM, Mast W8+
1975 T.K.S. 2nd Eight 1994 Sydney Grammar 2013 CLRC, H. Bowyer
1976 T.S.C. 1st Eight 1995 CRC 1X, B. Hick 2014 BMRC M Quilty, J Clews
1977 ANUBC, P. Nevitt 1996 CGS, M4+ 2015 BMRC MastM2x Ben Geier Nick McDonald Crowley
1978 1997 CRC, M. Punch 2016 CGS (T Hart, J Clements)
1979 St Andrews College, Uni of Sydney 1998 CRC, JW2X 2017 CRC/CLRC/CGGS/ANU W4x Bianca Gillet, Aisling Doyle, Sarah Larkin, Maddy Bennett
1980 ANUBC, M2+, M1X, C.T. Thomas 1999 CRC, Mast M2X
1981 ANUBC, P. McCartney 2000 CRC, Mast M8+
1982 CRC, S. Donoghue 2001 CRC, Mast M8+
1983 CRC, R. Bettle 2002 CRC, JW2X