The Passing of Rodney Palmer

Rodney passed away this morning at Clare Holland House after fighting cancer since early 2019. He was 71.

Rodney was a very well known identity in the rowing community and made an enormous contribution over the years. He was a tireless Boat Race Official, held positions in a number of Clubs, coached and was a great supporter of both junior and adult rowing. He introduced and taught to row many people in Canberra. He had a boat named after him in the Canberra Rowing Club where he held a number of positions before moving to Black Mountain Rowing Club. In recognition of his long service to rowing, he was awarded the Cliff Hill Shield in 2021.

Rodney proudly displaying the Cliff Hill Shield

Rodney was a cheerful presence in the community and was always ready to help. This generosity of spirit extended to soccer. He had played at a high level and refereed for decades.

Rodney had a wide circle of friends and he influenced many lives. He will be missed.